Fish death could be a huge problem for those who use fish for different purposes like a pet, farming, or feeding. Most of these fish deaths are not natural as you might think, some deaths can be avoided if we do the right thing. Sidona Media will be discussing the causes of fish death so you can be aware and try to prevent this from happening to your fish.

There are so many reasons that cause fish death but if I were to give one, I should saySTRESS.


Yes, stress. Just as stress is an issue for us humans and it has led to the death of many, so does fish but what causes stress for them may be different from what causes us, human stress. In this article, we are going to be talking about five things that could cause your fish stress.

Change of Environment: I had a friend who always fell sick when he changed his residential environment. Fish are like that if the environment they change into is not as conducive as the environment, you must study and understand the environment and the environmental factors that they were before that ensured its survival. For example, certain bacteria ensure the survival of different species of fish. The process of establishing these good bacteria is called Cycling your Aquarium.

Water Quantity: if there is one, we would agree that all fish needs to survive, it will be water. Lack of water leads to death. Ensure that there is a sufficient supply of water.


Ambient Temperature: This is the temperature of the environment. For the fish, the environment is the water it lives in and the temperature of the water is relative to their temperature.

The temperature of the water is very important because it affects both growth and productivity. Every species of fish has a different tolerance level of temperature for survival but the optimum temperature is required for growth and productivity. There is the upper temperature (the maximum temperature for survival), minimum temperature (the lowest temperature for survival), and the optimum temperature (the best temperature that ensures growth and productivity). For example, the catfish can survival between a temperature of 200C to 30oC but its optimum temperature is 23 oC to 27 oC.

pH: According to Wikipedia, pH is a scale used to specify the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. It is measured in a range from zero to fourteen (0-14). If it is less than seven then the solution is acidic, if it is greater than seven then the solution is basic and if it is at seven, the solution is neutral.

The pH of water is very important for the survival and reproduction of fish. Generally, fish can survival at a pH of 4.5 to 9.5 but young fish (fry to juvenile) are very sensitive to the pH of the solution they live in, they will likely die at a pH below 5.0. A high pH affects fish too by causing death, damage to the gills, skin, and outer surface, it also causes a rise in toxicity in ammonia. Ammonia is more toxic at a pH of 8 than 7 (ten times). A high level of ammonia causes ineffective extraction of energy from feed, sluggishness, coma, and then death.

You must know the optimum pH not just the survival pH range of the species of fish you want to use.

Overfeeding: This was the funny one, that is why I left it to be the last. It is funny to me because I have a cousin who told me that one of the things that he can never get tired of is overfeeding, you can guess the size of my cousin. Well, it might not be a problem for my cousin but it is for fish and also their environment.

Overfeeding can lead to improper digestion, fatty liver, and cause sluggishness which can lead to death. The leftover leads to an increase in ammonia, nitrites, nitrates due to the chemical breakdown of the leftovers. Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are toxic to them and could be lethal at a high level.

You mustn’t overfeed them. ‘How can I not overfeed my fish?’, maybe this is your question. First, feed them the way you do and then time how long it takes them to finish their feed, it should take them between four to five minutes. If it takes longer, then the feed should be gradually reduced. It is important to have a feeding schedule by studying the species of fish you want because some species require to be fed twice, some just once. The excess feed should be removed to avoid contamination.


Well, there is a lot of factors that cause fish death but these are one of the major causes of their deaths. Hope this article helps you with your fish survival. You must study the species of fish you want to use for whatever purpose because not all species are the same just like we humans are not the same. This is why you need to study the fish and also their environment.

If you are interested in fish farming but you don’t know how to go about it because of cost, you can use your backyard to save you the stress. Backyard farming is advantageous, we talk about how to make your backyard work for you in our podcast and article.