The Invisible Farmer

You’d want to think this article is about feminism after reading to a certain point, but I assure you it isn’t.

This is just an article about an important and overlooked part of the agricultural sector.

The invisible farmer is talking about the role of women that is unseen and disregarded. Women play a huge role in the agricultural sector but go unnoticed.

In one of our episodes of the “Let’s talk agriculture” Podcast show with Hadiza Yaro, she talked about how she visited one of the Northern parts of Nigeria for an outreach where they grouped Men and Women, gave them produce for farming, and received a greater portion of returns from the Women. This shows that women if given the opportunity and resources can do more for the economy.

Women are greatly involved in the agricultural sector whether or not they are doing it for the money or just for fun. My mum has flooded her compound with different plants ranging from yams to pumpkin leaves, water leaves to lemongrass even though she lacks the experience and knowledge, but she’s just very interested and excited about agriculture.

I think it’s safe to say ‘Women have agricultural genes they pass down to their female children.

There are lots of challenges women in the agricultural sector are faced with asides from the recognition they deserve. Women in the rural areas when asked about the challenges they face, a good percentage of them will talk about access to finance is a major constraint or lack of productive resources (e.g Lands) which hinders their effectiveness.

Regardless of the evident challenges this gender faces, they still contribute immensely to the agricultural sector.