Headlines: The Game Changer

On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as reading the body copy

David Ogilvy

Content creators or marketers spend little time constructing a headline but a lot of time with their content or copy or graphics because they think that is what is important the most but if only, they knew that having an effective headline could be their gamechanger, they would change their approach.

The reason why headlines are so important is that this is the first thing your audience sees when they see your content or Copywrite. Knowing this is very important because humans have become less patient with ads and content because they are bombarded with ads and content daily. You know that saying, ‘First impression matters, in your content or copywriting, your headline is your first impression.

You and your business have 7 seconds to make a first impression


The aim of every headline is to make your audience pause whatever they are doing and commit an action you wanted.

Importance of Having an Effective Headline.

  • We humans tend to be quick in judgment: Your headline makes your audience conclude whether your content is trash or worth their time. The best example to give to explain this statement is the book ‘What every man thinks apart from sex’ written by Sheridan Simove. The title of the book makes one intrigued even I want to know but guess what the book was a two hundred blank page with just the cover. Sheridan Simove did his research for some years about what men think about apart from sex. Sheridan found nothing.

 “This book is the result of 39 years of painstaking research and practical study into the subject. I left nothing to chance and threw myself into my work. After many years of hard work, I finally realized that men think of absolutely nothing apart from sex. It was a shocking conclusion and I realized that the world needed to be informed of my findings.

Sheridan Simove

Don’t know how he came to that conclusion but that’s not the point. That book holds the world’s record as the blankest book sold. It wasn’t because of the graphics of the cover or the content even though it was blank. It was because of the headlinethe reason is because of the headline.

Many people bought that book without knowing the content that was in there. The headline made them conclude that the content would be worth it. There are books, blogs, articles that are worth reading because of the benefit that they would have on the target audience but it never gets read because the headline made the audience conclude that it was not worth it.

Remember you have about 7 seconds to make an impression.

Makes your work easy:. Have you tried selling to someone who just lost a relative or is in a sad mood. That’s a very hard job to do but try selling to someone who is happy and is having a wonderful day, your pitch could be average but you could still sell your products or services to him.

When you can get the attention of your target audience through an effective headline, your work become easier. This is because they have already drawn their conclusion about the content through the headline.

Your audiences opinion about your content would be hard to change after seeing your headline. Except if your content is trash. One of the most difficult things to change is the human mind.

How To Have an Effective Headline

-Who are you writing to:. People always want to know the technicalities of writing a headline but they fail to pay attention to the person they are writing to. Imagining you writing a letter to your dad but on the envelope, you wrote dear mom. Your dad would likely pass the letter to your mum. Why? because the headline says otherwise even though the content is all about him or it is to him.

This is exactly what people do. They don’t know their audiences or niche or sub-niche. They write without knowing who they really are and so their headlines are directed to someone else.

-Go inside their head: what does your niche think, what are his fears, desires, what makes him happy or sad. Your headlines should talk to their emotion. If your audience sees your headline and no emotion is aroused, there is a high chance that your content is passed by.

Know the technicalities: There is a how-to in everything, headlines are no different. You just have to find out some technicalities on how to write an effective headline. Sidona Media will be giving you some technicalities so that you can experience a huge game-changer.