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What is Copywriting

Copywriting is anything intended to persuade the right reader, viewer, or listener to take a specific action.

                              -Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards couldn’t have defined copywriting better. A simple definition but so true. Whether it is a video script, podcast script, emails, or adverts, as far as its intention is for the audiences to perform a specific action such as making a purchase, donating to a cause, or clicking on a link. We see copywriting virtually every day of our life, sometimes we don’t know but we perform the action the copywriter intends for the audience to perform. The most effective copywriting is the one that doesn’t look like copywriting.

Content writing

What is Content writing?

Content writing is creating content to either inform or entertain the audiences. The goal of a content writer is to build rapport and trust between the audience and the brand. Content writers understand that it is only when trust is built sales becomes easier. It is important that brands create content for their audiences because when they do that it gives the audience a sense of closeness with the brand.

Content writers are patient with their audiences and provides the audience at low or no cost because the aim is to build trust and loyalty.


What makes them different?

Copywriting and content writing seems similar to many people and sometimes people use them interchangeably but the they are different, just like apple and oranges, both are fruits and may have some similar nutrients (vitamin a but the nutrients are in different quantity and also have different taste.

The main difference between a copywriting and content writing are:

  • Purpose and
  • Mindset



The aim/purpose of copywriting and content writing is the major difference between them. A copywriter aims to ensure a quick response from its audience and turn them to customers while a content writer aims to build a rapport or trust with the audience . So a content writer is okay if his content doesn’t make a sale but that is a copywriter nightmare. 


The mindset of a copywriter and content writer is what makes them different. A copywriter doesn’t have the patient and is more short term than a content writer. A content writer believes that loyalty is needed for sales but a copywriter doesn’t have that mindset. A copywriter seeks to convince its audience to become a customer quickly but a copywriter doesn’t.

So what do I need for my brand?

It is important to have both because you don’t want your brand dishing out content and not making sales short term, also you don’t want to be bombarding your audiences with sales pitch or promotional sales because that can easily turn them off. You don’t want to have a lot of traffic but little or no conversion sales. So it is advisable to have both to create a balance.

Sidona media provides you with both. We aid your business in sales growth and also ensure that your brand builds rapport between its audiences

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