Agricultural Branding

Branding is a relevant aspect of your business that shouldn’t be overlooked. As a brand, it is very key to have a positive perception of what you do engrave in the minds of your customers.

Sometimes, you may have the right product and still not attract the right customers. Good branding may be just what your company needs to get that customer.

Branding is not subjected to your company logo, it entails much more than that. As an agricultural company, you may think this whole idea of branding doesn’t concern you, but it does.

Branding determines whether a customer will come to you that has the quality animal feed or ignore you completely and go for your next-door neighbor with an eye-catching product but with low-quality everything you do, let there be a balance. Branding can be about your company name, your logo, your product design, the quality of your content because that will be your identity.

Question? What are you doing to ensure your brand stands out?

Fish Death


Fish death could be a huge problem for those who use fish for different purposes like a pet, farming, or feeding. Most of these fish deaths are not natural as you might think, some deaths can be avoided if we do the right thing. Sidona Media will be discussing the causes of fish death so you can be aware and try to prevent this from happening to your fish.

There are so many reasons that cause fish death but if I were to give one, I should say Read More


Agriculture is the practice of cultivating plants and livestock- Wikipedia

This is the answer I gave to my Agriculture teacher when I was in junior school and I was marked right. The topic of this article might mislead you to think that I have a contradictory opinion of this definition, to clear the air, I don’t think this definition in itself is wrong not now or before or even in the future but what if it was more than that? What if Wikipedia or another information outlet didn’t get the key definition of Agriculture. Read More

Backyard Farming


If I asked you what you use your backyard for? The answer I guess could be where I keep junkies, while to some they don’t care about their backyard. I had a friend who told me that he hasn’t been to his backyard for some days, this could be you. What if I told you that your backyard could be a source of revenue? Let me guess, you ask the question how? The simple answer is backyard farming. Yes!, backyard farming.

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The Invisible Farmer

You’d want to think this article is about feminism after reading to a certain point, but I assure you it isn’t.

This is just an article about an important and overlooked part of the agricultural sector.

The invisible farmer is talking about the role of women that is unseen and disregarded. Women play a huge role in the agricultural sector but go unnoticed.