If I asked you what you use your backyard for? The answer I guess could be where I keep junkies, while to some they don’t care about their backyard. I had a friend who told me that he hasn’t been to his backyard for some days, this could be you. What if I told you that your backyard could be a source of revenue? Let me guess, you ask the question how? The simple answer is backyard farming. Yes!, backyard farming.

Backyard farming is a small unit of urban sub-section farming which practices utilization of space to grow and produce your food either for personal or commercial use. It could be done in a room or balcony or on the wall, generally, it is just a space allocated by you within your environment. Backyard farming is not as difficult as starting your own farm business and it saves cost since it is within your environment. It also helps to avoid town planning regulations. Another importance is that it gives a sense of self-dependency because it is yours and you run it. You also don’t depend on market factor a lot; one of the things the pandemic taught us is that sometimes money could be worthless because during the pandemic people could not get food, not because of lack of money in their pocket or their cards but because they didn’t have access to food and some who had access complained of high price increase but with backyard farming this no longer becomes a problem.

You might be asking how can you start your own backyard farming, well there are three steps to take if you want to start and these steps are :

  • Identify Your Space: You have to first determine the space you would designate for backyard farming. As was stated before this could be your balcony, a room, or your wall.
  • Determine the Activity: After you identify the space you want to use then you have to identify the activity you want to run on the space. It could be animal farming, vegetable farming. You just have to determine the activity that suits you and the space designated.
  • Take Action:Action is everything, You have to take action and not just taking action but taking it in the right way. Edobong Akpabio founder of Visionage Agrotech Farms perfectly describes ways to take action.