Agriculture is the practice of cultivating plants and livestock- Wikipedia

This is the answer I gave to my Agriculture teacher when I was in junior school and I was marked right. The topic of this article might mislead you to think that I have a contradictory opinion of this definition, to clear the air, I don’t think this definition in itself is wrong not now or before or even in the future but what if it was more than that? What if Wikipedia or another information outlet didn’t get the key definition of Agriculture.

Agriculture reminds me of something you won’t believe, which is a pen. My uncle would say, ‘the pen is mightier than a sword’, he would say this when he saw me doing my homework because I was using a pen to do write. When he says that, it always sounds funny in my mind because I imagined, two guys fighting; one with a sword and pen. It looked funny in my imagination because I know and you know who would come out the winner. Growing up I understood that quote, the pen has the ability to change the opinion of people or change the philosophy or ideology of men and also the ability to bring the ideas of men into reality. Though small, it is in itself very powerful.

Agriculture is like that to me, people see Agriculture as something not necessary in most countries, farmers are looked down upon but if only they knew that it has been and is still is a weapon that is used to fight against poverty and hunger. In a world where the expectation of hunger and poverty is predicted to be on the increase, Agriculture will play a vital role in combatting the enemy called hunger and poverty.

Sidona Media takes Agriculture serious because we see it as a necessary weapon you and the world have to wield in order to combat poverty and hunger. This is why Sidona Media is dedicated in giving you quality agricultural content through our blog posts and podcasts.