Headlines: Your Business Game Changer

Headlines are game-changers when used effectively. It can take your sales and click rate go high. In our previous posts (you need to read it), we cited the importance of headlines.

If I were to choose which is the most important in a blog post, sales letter, or email write or video. I would choose the headline because it is the first thing your target audience sees or looks for.

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Excellent headlines make your persuasion easier.

An excellent headline with mediocre content or body will always outperform a mediocre headline with excellent content.

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You might be asking why?

 Well, the answer is very simple. Your headline is probably the first thing your audience sees or looks for first. We see this with emails especially, the first thing that pops up is the headline or title of the email. If your headline doesn’t make your target audience or customer pause and wonder what the content or sales pitch is, then it is likely that you would have no one wanting to buy, read or view your content.

There is a how-to to everything and in this post, we will be giving you techniques on having effective headlines. But before we give you the techniques, we would like to let you know the aim of these techniques. It is important to know the aim of every technique so you can be creative with it.


An excellent headline aims to trigger the emotion of the target audience or customer. It aims to make them pause whatever they are doing and perform the action the writer or content creator wants them to perform.

Emotions Headline

This is why an effective headline talks to its target audience at an emotional level. Now, this is the catch, you cannot create an effective headline if you do not know your target audience. How would you know what triggers them emotionally, if you do not know them? This is why it is very key to know who are your customers or audience. This is not just for headlines only but for rapport.

Now, let’s give you the techniques

  • Use the power of how: The internet is full of people looking for a solution to their problems. Even people who surf the internet without a purpose would pause if they see a solution to the problems they have. If they see a headline that provides them that solution.

For example, instead of your headline being just Digital marketing, you can use this, ‘how to use digital marketing to scale your business’ or ‘how to be a pro in digital marketing.’ Now that’s better.

  • Use timeframes: People want to know how long it will take them to get the results they want. They want to know how long the journey is.

I remember my dad wanted to learn how to play the piano. Don’t know what inspired him. So, he asked the teacher what he wanted to employ, and how long it will take him to be a pro. The teacher told him 10-15 years. In my books, that’s not an intelligent answer to give. Well, my dad fired him before he was employed.

time frame headlines

This is why topics or headlines like ‘how to get abs in two weeks ’ or ‘how to become a sales master in a month’ get a high click rate.

You could tweak this strategy a bit by doing what we call Remove the Obstacle. For every solution you give, most times people have a but, if your headlines can solve the but then the better the headlines become.

For example, instead of just how to get abs in two weeks, you could add, how to get abs in two weeks despite your 8-5 job or how to get abs in two weeks no matter your weight.

  • Use the power of number:

Numbers are powerful because they simplify things for people and if there is anything humans don’t like is too much complication. This works well with blogs like 5 effective methods to make your brand top-notch, and 5 books to read for you to become extremely successful….

  • Use the power of fear or mistakes: I know this sounds shitty but it is not to use your audience or customers’ fears against them but to use it to help them.

Construct headlines to help them face their fears or mistakes. For example, 7 mistakes to avoid if you want to succeed in Digital marketing, 5 mistakes people make that make them fail in forex, Warning: Read this before you apply for masters.

Remember the aim: As stated before, you have to know who your Copywrite or content is directed to. Do a survey on who your target audience is and know the things they desire or fear the most. Remember, you are in the business of solving problems.

These techniques can be very helpful to you when applied well but there are other techniques. Study headlines that catch your attention. This would aid you to get more creative about headlines.

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