You just came from work, you walked into the bar and you needed a drink, not beer or wine but an energy drink that was popular and had all the ingredients (water, sugar, caffeine, and vitamin b) that make it called an energy drink. The barman walks to you. H asks you which energy drink you wanted, then he hands you the list of energy drinks they have. Now you become confused because they are many and seem the same.

Redbull media energy drink

This is what Redbull faced in the 1980s, the market was flooded with different energy drinks and the customer was left with many options. It is important to know one thing that businesses don’t want customers to have different options. In order to thrive businesses, love to make customers see only their products or services if they can. If I were to ask how many phone brands you know, you are likely to give like 5-10 brands but did you know that there are over 80 brands of phones. The reason you know those brands of phones is because they are good at fighting for your attention and want you to see their products only.

There was a need to get the attention of the people and to do that Redbull had to come out with a marketing strategy. Well, they came up with a market strategy. The strategy was to fill up the bins in the streets of London with Redbull cans. They also gave DJs free samples.


Let’s say there was a drink called Cano (I just came up with that while writing this, so forgive me) and no one had heard of it but you wake up one day and you see all the dustbin filled with empty cans. It’s likely to send a signal that everyone is drinking it. This shows that Redbull is trendy. You are likely to want to try it out one day. The reason might be out of curiosity or you want to join the trend.

This is what the energy drink, redbull was trying to achieve; to sell an illusion. The illusion they wanted to sell is that everyone was drinking Redbull. When people bought into that they ended up wanting to try Redbull because they felt this is the trendy thing.


The most successful marketing strategy is based on illusion.

People follow the lead because they believe that for people to be doing it shows that it adds value to them. So, the question comes, ‘if it is worth the purchase for this number of persons then it surely should be worth the purchase for me?’

This is one of the reasons why Twitter and fashion is thrives. They understand that people jump into what is trendy. Twitter uses this strategy by showing you what is trending globally or in your Locality. They understand that people are likely to jump on what is trendy. trendy-energy drink


  • Hey! I need your attention: Redbull recognized and understood that if they wanted to dominate the energy drink market, they needed a rare commodity and it wasn’t money but attention. No business survives and thrives without attention, when I say no business, I mean no business. Attention is the currency businesses to have before customers’ cash.

Attention is the currency businesses to have before customers’ cash.

  • Marketing is very important: Companies sometimes don’t see the importance of marketing in their businesses. Some start-ups believe that an excellent product or service will always thrive but they are very wrong. Redbull understood that the best way to get the attention of people. Which is through marketing and not just having an excellent product.
energy drink marketing quotes
  • They do it this way, do it another way: If Redbull had done the exact same marketing strategy other energy drinks were doing, they probably would have had a hard time.
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  • The more you see, the more it sticks:. Sight is very important in marketing. This is why you should never stop marketing because the more people see your products or services, the more it sticks and when it sticks, it makes people become almost blind to other products or services.

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